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Kinesiology, a well researched, results based modality and is like having superannuation for your health. Kinesiology draws on Eastern energetic healing knowledge and Western physiological knowledge combined, to promote health vitality and well being. As a Practitioner of Kinesiology, I simply facilitate the healing capacities held within the client’s body. Kinesiology is a holistic healing modality producing long term results for clients with mental, emotional, physical or spiritual matters. Everyone can benefit from Kinesiology, it can improve your performance in sports, study, business and motivate you to enjoy a productive, meaningful life experience.


Hypnotherapy has been used for hundreds of years to help people overcome significant life issues. I am trained in hypnotherapy to work with smoking cessation, weight loss, performance enhancement and anxiety. The hypnotherapy I offer can be a stand alone or combined with the other modalities which compliment and consolidate the treatment for the client.

Colour Journeys

Using the Colour Journey essences which are produced locally in Harvey, Western Australia, I facilitate clearing the energy system which leads to shifts in mindset and physical boundaries.

As a Colour Journeys© Practitioner I find working with the Essences exhilarating and extremely powerful. Working on a cellular level the essences that have been crafted with the use of flower essences, essential oils, crystals, the sun, the moon and love, powerfully flood the client with positive qualities which dissolve any negative qualities so peace of mind and health can be restored.

The essences work on an emotional level nonetheless some clients find that when the emotional issue is resolved the physical ailment slowly dissipate.

Magenta Healing: Healing the maternal line

‘Did you know that when your mother was born she was carrying the egg that became you? You were formed inside your grandmother’s womb. ‘Colour Journeys, Your rainbow body 2017’.

If your mother or grandmother had trauma before you were born or had no awareness of self-care then there is a high likelihood you are carrying that trauma on a deep cellular level.

The Magenta Healing sequence journey’s the client from creation to present time, working in a deep state clearing imprints that do not serve them.

Who is it for?
Male and female with Mother issues, trauma at birth or birthing, Anxiety, or Chemical responses.

Client feedback.
I felt like I was walking on air after the session and my nervousness seems to have settled, which was 6 weeks ago. Jacinta T 17.9.19

Rainbow Atonement – Twelve steps to oneness

We all have our unique vibration to transmit into the world. In order to transmit, we use different frequencies and each frequency represents a different quality/aspect or emotion held within us.

Sometimes transmission is shut down or blocked, because ‘the weathers bad’, ‘there’s cobwebs and dust all over the transmitter because it hasn’t been used for so long’ or shut down because no-ones listening anymore, not even you.

The Rainbow Atonement sequence will resume the transmission as blockages are dissolved or removed. Sometimes all transmitters are again signaling optimally, often a 3 to 6 monthly tune-up assists.

You will be flooded with positivity and feel a wonderful lightness and inspiration to move forward in life.

Who is this for?
People who are negative, Lack of confidence, lack of direction

Client feedback
The end of a relationship 14mths ago had me miserable, with no confidence. After my session I felt like I was walking on air and that the whole world was wonderful. A week later I met a wonderful new partner and I am happy. It could be a coincidence, but I think the Rainbow atonement had everything to do with this. Nita W. 9.02.19.
Just the scent of the essences uplifts me I cant wait to do this again. Joan D. 22.3.19

Self Development Workshops

Self Development group workshops – The Mind Manicure series – each workshop leads participants through a Self-exploratory process, opening up avenues in their lives which can lead to enhanced confidence, happiness, living a prosperous life and reaching goals and desires step by step. Improve your Personal/work/social relationships and self-esteem and shift or recognise emotional blockages that prevent you from being where get where you want to be.

The following and further workshops dates and information will also be promoted on the DevelopU Facebook page

2020 Visions

Set your Intentions/Goals for 2020.
Let 2020 be the year you take positive action to reaching and unfolding your desires in Relationships, Career, Finances, Wellbeing, Self Esteem and more.

In this fun workshop you will:

  • Understand the importance of having a vision or goal
  • Gain insight into the role your subconscious mind plays in creating your visions and attaining your goals
  • Create the Intention or goal – create a vision board
  • Set the plan- how to get there
  • Receive the tools- the thinking the tools, the doing tools- how to use them.

Date: 7.3.2020

Time: 10 to 5pm

Cost: $95.00 per person

Mind Manicure 1

Identify limiting patterns in your life.

  • Gain a clear view of your self- image and how this may lead to repeating a negative pattern in your life
  • Understand the difference between a negative and positive thought
  • Recognise a limiting thought pattern
  • Understand the importance of having a goal, aim or purpose in your life.

Date: TBA

Mind Manicure 2

Move the ‘C’.

  • Identify and differentiate your emotions
  • Discover what parts of your body you hold destructive emotions
  • Understand the long term impact destructive emotions have on your physical body
  • Realise you are not your emotions and you have the power to alter how you react to situations and move from Reaction to Creation.


14 + 3 =



Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 11am to 7pm or by appointment